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Drive with the Iron Carriage

As an OTR box truck owner, you'll benefit from earning 88% of the gross revenue while enjoying $200 cargo insurance and no charges while you're home. Take advantage of fuel discounts up to $1 and have access to a dispatch board with forward rate confirmation. You'll receive 24/7 support for dispatch, safety, and ELD needs, along with maintenance and road service assistance. Our lease-to-purchase program offers flexibility, and we provide cash advances and referral bonuses. We guarantee a minimum of $1500 every week, ensuring consistent income and support for your operations.

As an OTR box truck company driver, you'll earn $.55 CPM for all miles driven, with additional bonus pay for layovers, detention, and driver assistance. Expect to cover 3500+ miles weekly and benefit from referral bonuses, clean inspection pay, and orientation bonuses. Receive a bonus for staying on the road for four weeks. Enjoy home time of three days after two weeks on the road or one week off after four weeks. You'll have 24/7 support for dispatch, safety, and ELD needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation.


Have a look at the paychecks some of our drivers received last week and get a rough calculation of what you can earn with us.

Bobby bronson

Miles  3514

Base rpm  $1.8

Fuel discount $351

Gross $6 300

Total pay $3 944

janne larose

Miles  3428

Base CPM  $2.1

fuel discount 345

gross $7 182

Total pay $4 752

randy orton

Miles  3367

Base CPM  $1.9

fuel discount 342

Gross $6 384

Totalpay 4 098

Nick Robinson

Miles  3511

Base CPM, $0.55

driver assist $150

Total pay $2 075

John jones

Miles  3428

Base CPM, $0.55

detention $100

Total pay $1 984

maurice carson

Miles  3312

Base CPM, $0.55

Driver assist $150

total pay $1 965

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